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  • Residential Condensate...

    Beckett & Hartell Residential Condensate Pumps 

    Condensate is produced at a rate of up to a gallon per hour by a residential central air conditioning unit or gas condensing furnace. The installer will feed the condensate from the appliance drain into one of the pumps inlet ports. Hartell condensate pumps are equipped to connect with 3/8" ID plastic tubing. The tubing is connected to the pump check valve, leading to a drain line, sump, French drain or laundry sink. The "Lift" or "Head" of the pump refers to the height the pump is required to "lift" the water up to the drain. The distance the water needs to travel horizontally once the lift is achieved is referred to as the "Run". The "run" does not affect the lift or flow rate of the pump unless it exceeds 50 feet. "Runs" of 50' or more will decrease pump output by about 10%. Hartell and Beckett condensate pumps are perfect for use as wastewater drain pumps for icemakers, beverage dispensers, drinking fountains, water coolers and dehumidifiers. AUXILIARY SAFETY SWITCH (in Accessories section) Hartell & Beckett strongly recommends that all installations include a properly wired auxiliary safety switch. The auxiliary safety switch will shut down the appliance in the event of a pump overflow condition that could lead to property damage. Pump overflow can be caused by a blocked discharge line, power loss to the pump, or pump malfunction. The switch can be wired in-line with the thermostat to shut down the appliance; or wired directly to an alarm. 

  • Commercial Condensate...

    New features for Beckett and Hartell commercial condensate pump including quick connect, serviceable check valve and reversible reservoir with standard provisions for low level inlet, provide more installation options and easier maintenance. Beckett and Hartell uses oil and chemical resistant high temperature rated materials with robust design elements to provide a new standard of quality and long service life. Hartell’s new pumps also provide three new levels of motor bearing protection from steam and water splash to ensure maximum motor life.Beckett and Hartell’s A3 and A5 Series Pumps are equipped with a new check valve design and improved fluid flows to make these pumps quiet and reliable.

  • Ice Machine Pumps

    Hartell has been supplying pumps to the ice machine water pump industry for over 40 years! Our high quality replacement ice machine pumps meet or exceed the specifications of the original equipment manufacturer. Hartell replacement ice machine pumps conform to NSF and UL standards, assuring clean, safe, simple and sanitary replacement. We carry the largest variety of pumps in the industry, making Hartell the obvious choice for replacement ice machine pumps.

    Scotsman    Manitowoc  Ice-O-Matic

    Cornelius   Uniflow   Crystal Tips

    Ross Temp  McQuay   Servend

    Whirlpool    Frigidaire    Kold-Draft

    Carrier    York    Howe

    Ice Craft

  • Waste Water Drain -...

    Reservoir Style

    Hartell Reservoir type drain pumps provide time saving solutions for laundry trays, utility sinks, wet bars, and kitchenettes when gravity drainage is not practical. Hartell reservoir pumps install in less time because they require no venting. They are particularly useful when multiple drain sources are encountered, as in double laundry sinks. Hartell unitized design and rugged construction make them a natural choice for any drain application.


    The LTA drain pump provides a time saving solution for wet bars, kitchenettes and laundry trays when gravity drainage is not practical. Installing an LTA Pump is quicker and easier because it requires no venting or inlet piping. A pressure switch turns the pump on automatically as water drains from the sink and turns the pump off when all water has been completely removed. The combination of quiet operation and compact size makes the LTA a perfect choice for any application.

  • Accessories

    Check Valves

    Check Valves are used to restrict the flow of a liquid to one direction. They are used in pumps to stop back flow from refilling the pumping chamber when the pump is shut off.

    Safety Switch

    The J-100 safety switch is a water-level sensing device that is designed to shut down the air conditioning or refrigeration unit in the event of a high water level in the pan or reservoir. The switch may be wired in normally open or normally closed position. The kit comes complete with 72'' leads and installation instructions.

  • High Temperature Pumps

    Beckett High Temperature Pumps are capable of handling water temperature up to 190º and includes safety switch and check valve. Beckett models CL202ULHT, CB251ULHT, and CB252ULHT are great choices for your HVACR replacement pump needs. Look for Beckett replacement pumps that can handle the the water temperature requirements for your system and check for safety features. 

  • Mini Condensate Pumps

    Beckett Mini Condensate Pump are ideal on a Mini-Split System up to 36,000BTU's.  These replacement pumps have a maximum lift up to 65' and operate with 115v. Purchase Mini Condensate Pumps from GoHVACR Supply online.

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items