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Smart Electric

Smart Electric - 7.5mfd x 370v/440V. Dual Voltage.

Purchase your Smart Electric capacittors online from GoHVACR Supply. View our selection and find the perfect product for your needs.

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• Non-PCB capacitors
• The widest selections of ratings
• Individually boxed
• Medium: Polypropylene Film
• Electrode: Metalized Film
• Aluminum case, metal cap
  (in accordance with UL)
• Filling material: Plant oil
  (in accordance with UL)
• Expected Life 60,000 Hours
• Rated Voltage: 370 Vac or 440 Vac
• Max permit temperature: 85º C/185º F
• Terminal material, ignition time not
to exceed 10 seconds
• UL 810, IEC 60252-1, EIA

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