Downflow/Horizontal Series

Downflow/Horizontal Series


The compact series comes in a variety of configurations to fit virtually anywhere, including utility rooms, alcoves, closets, crawl spaces and attics. In addition to upflow, downflow/horizontal, rear flue and front flue versions, models come in heat only and heating cooling combinations.


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85,000 - 97,000btu Output. Nozzle size .65 - .75GPH.. 81% AFUE. 2-3 Tons cooling. 1410cfm @ .02SP. Foil-faced fiberglass insulation, a ceramic high temperature combusition chamber, and harmonically balanced blower keep operating noise to a minimum. State of the art Beckett "AFG" burner with flame retention head, PSC motor, & solid state ingnition.(5 year warranty). 14gauge steel heat exchanger comes with a lifetime warranty. 5 year warranty on all components . All units shipped with largest capacity nozzle. 6" Flue size.

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